Xiangyun Gao

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Shareholders are the owners of listed companies, and their relationships can directly affect the structure of the stock market. In this paper, we analyze the topological properties and evolution of the cross-shareholding networks of listed companies in the past 5 years in China from 2007 to 2011, an infrequently considered topic, by taking shareholders’(More)
There are many types of autoregressive patterns in financial time series, and they form a transmission process. Here, we define autoregressive patterns quantitatively through an econometrical regression model. We present a computational algorithm that sets the autoregressive patterns as nodes and transmissions between patterns as edges, and then converts(More)
The linear regression parameters between two time series can be different under different lengths of observation period. If we study the whole period by the sliding window of a short period, the change of the linear regression parameters is a process of dynamic transmission over time. We tackle fundamental research that presents a simple and efficient(More)
Wind energy is considered a clear and sustainable substitution for fossil fuel, and the stock index of the wind energy industry is closely related to the oil price fluctuation. Their relationship is characterized by multiscale and time-varying features based on a variety of stakeholders who have different objectives within various time horizons, which makes(More)
The co-fluctuation of two time series has often been studied by analysing the correlation coefficient over a selected period. However, in both domestic and global financial markets, there are more than two active time series that fluctuate constantly as a result of various factors, including geographic locations, information communications and so on. In(More)
In order to explore the characteristics of the evolution behavior of the time-varying relationships between multivariate time series, this paper proposes an algorithm to transfer this evolution process to a complex network. We take the causality patterns as nodes and the succeeding sequence relations between patterns as edges. We used four time series as(More)
How to keep up with the tendency of the literature and grasp the key-points of them from the holistic perspective rapidly is a new challenge both for the literature research and text mining. Most of current theories and tools are directed at finding one paper or a small amount of sample, not gaining a rapid understanding of the hot-keywords of all the(More)