Xiangyuan Jiang

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Simultaneous localization and tracking (SLAT) has become a very hot topic in both academia and industry for its potential wide applications in robotic equipment, sensor networks and smart devices. In order to exploit the advantages supported by state filtering and parameter estimation, researchers have proposed adaptive structures for solving SLAT problems.(More)
Simultaneous localization and map building(SLAM) concerns with filtering problem, which builds the map of the environment without robot's certainty position, meanwhile localize itself based on the map. Traditional SLAM algorithm addresses the problem by the Extended Kalman Filter which usually induces divergence because of inaccurate models. This paper(More)
It is a general practice that using two vehicles to transport the goods which are too long or too heavy for a single car. In order to overcome these shortcomings of the traditional cable transportation platform, such as the limitation of the mobile distance and the inconvenience, a set of double-car Linkage control system based on wireless control is(More)
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