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With the rapid development of online learning technology, a huge amount of e-learning materials have been generated which are highly heterogeneous and in various media formats. Besides, e-learning environments are highly dynamic with the ever increasing number of learning resources that are naturally distributed over the network. On the other hand, in the(More)
The 14-3-3 (YWHA) proteins are highly conserved in higher eukaryotes, participate in various cellular signaling pathways including cell cycle regulation, development and growth. Our previous studies demonstrated that 14-3-3ε (YWHAE) is responsible for maintaining prophase | arrest in mouse oocyte. However, roles of 14-3-3ε in the mitosis of fertilized mouse(More)
With recent advances in mobile and sensor technologies, a large amount of efforts have been made on developing intelligent applications for taxi drivers, which provide beneficial guide and opportunity to improve the profit and work efficiency. However, limited scopes focus on the latent <i>social interaction</i> within cab drivers, and corresponding social(More)
Recommender systems become increasingly significant in solving the information explosion problem. Two typical kinds of techniques treat the recommendation problem as either a rating prediction or a ranking prediction one. In contrast, we propose a two-step framework that considers recommendation as a simulation of users’ behaviors to generate ratings. The(More)
With the development of computer science and multimedia technology, Web-based learning becomes increasingly popular. User evaluation plays a significant role in the process of guided learning. In recent years, there is great progress in the development of evaluation technology. However, few evaluation methods fully take online learning activity analysis and(More)
Co₃O₄ nanorods were prepared by a facile hydrothermal method. Eco-friendly deionized water rather than organic solvent was used as the hydrothermal media. The as-prepared Co₃O₄ nanorods are composed of many nanoparticles of 30-50 nm in diameter, forming a finger-like morphology. The Co₃O₄ electrode shows a specific capacitance of 265 F g-1 at 2 mV s-1 in a(More)
Past attempts at designing and implementing high trusted systems for embedded safety-critical systems (ESCS) have centered on the concept of a monolithic security kernel and safety kernel. These approaches lead to inflexible, overly complex operating systems that are too large to evaluate at the higher assurance levels. This paper provides an overview of(More)
Fuzzy logic is wildly used in many fields in the recent years. It is also the theoretic base of fuzzy control. A novel matrix representation and implementation method is prompted in this paper. The new method employs the concepts of state space which achieved great success in the modern control theory and uses matrix to represent fuzzy models including the(More)