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This paper describes the CMU OAQA system evaluated in the BioASQ 3B Question Answering track. We first present a three-layered architecture , and then describe the components integrated for exact answer generation and retrieval. Using over 400 factoid and list questions from past BioASQ 1B and 2B tasks as background knowledge, we focus on how to learn to(More)
As the core microorganism of wine making, Saccharomyces cerevisiae encounter low pH stress at the beginning of fermentation. Effect of initial pH (4.50, 3.00, 2.75, 2.50) on growth and fermentation performance of 3 S. cerevisiae strains Freddo, BH8, Nº.7303, different tolerance at low pH, chosen from 12 strains, was studied. The values of yeast growth(More)
Condensed drops usually display a Wenzel state on a superhydrophobic surface (SHS) only with microrough architecture, while Cassie drops easily appear on a surface with micro-nano hierarchical roughness. The mechanism of this is not very clear. It is important to understand how the hierarchical structure affects the states of condensation drops so that a(More)
The effect of three processing units (blanching, enzyme liquefaction, and pasteurisation) on polyphenols and antioxidant activity of carrot juices was investigated. Polyphenols and antioxidant activity of carrot juices varied with different processes. Five polyphenolic acids were identified in fresh carrot juice, and the predominant compound was chlorogenic(More)
OBJECTIVE Early childhood caries (ECC) has become a prevalent public health problem among Chinese preschool children. The bacterial microflora is considered to be an important factor in the formation and progress of dental caries. However, high-throughput and large-scale studies of the primary dentition are lacking. The present study aimed to compare oral(More)
UNLABELLED The profiles of phenolic acids and flavan-3-ols for the selected Chinese red wines and the potential of using phenolic acids and flavan-3-ols to differentiate the geographic origin and grape variety of wines from China are investigated in this study. Significant differences and markers could be found according to the geographical origin and grape(More)
To obtain the absolute position of a target is one of the basic topics for non-cooperated target tracking problems. In this paper, we present a simultaneously calibration method for an Inertial navigation system (INS)/Global position system (GPS)/Laser distance scanner (LDS) integrated system based target positioning approach. The INS/GPS integrated system(More)
This study explored catastrophic health expenditure in China, due to out-of-pocket payments for dental care, and its associated individual- and contextual-level factors. We pooled data from 31,566 adults who participated in the third National Oral Health Survey with province-level data from different sources. We defined catastrophic dental health(More)
AIM To explore the association between contextual factors and periodontal disease. METHODS We pooled individual-level data from 20,204 35-44-year-olds and 9,666 65-74-year- olds, who participated in the 3rd National Oral Health Survey in China (2005), with province-level data from different sources. The association of provincial macroeconomic factors(More)