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This paper describes the CMU OAQA system evaluated in the BioASQ 3B Question Answering track. We first present a three-layered architecture , and then describe the components integrated for exact answer generation and retrieval. Using over 400 factoid and list questions from past BioASQ 1B and 2B tasks as background knowledge, we focus on how to learn to(More)
OBJECTIVE Early childhood caries (ECC) has become a prevalent public health problem among Chinese preschool children. The bacterial microflora is considered to be an important factor in the formation and progress of dental caries. However, high-throughput and large-scale studies of the primary dentition are lacking. The present study aimed to compare oral(More)
To obtain the absolute position of a target is one of the basic topics for non-cooperated target tracking problems. In this paper, we present a simultaneously calibration method for an Inertial navigation system (INS)/Global position system (GPS)/Laser distance scanner (LDS) integrated system based target positioning approach. The INS/GPS integrated system(More)
This study explored catastrophic health expenditure in China, due to out-of-pocket payments for dental care, and its associated individual- and contextual-level factors. We pooled data from 31,566 adults who participated in the third National Oral Health Survey with province-level data from different sources. We defined catastrophic dental health(More)
Severe early childhood caries (s-ECC), which has quite high prevalence among children, is a widespread problem with significant impacts among both developing and developed countries. At present, it is widely known that no early detective techniques and diagnostic tests could have high sensitivity and specificity when using for clinical screening of s-ECC.(More)
AIMS/INTRODUCTION There is still no obvious evidence proving that androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) would increase the risk of diabetes. To determine if ADT is associated with diabetes in men with prostate cancer, we carried out the present study. MATERIALS AND METHODS We systematically searched Medline, Embase and the Cochrane Library Central Register(More)
An efficient preparative separation method for Sphallerocarpus gracilis stems and leaves polyphenols (SGslP) was established in this study. An X-5 macroporous adsorption resin was selected for the purification of the SGslP, and the polyphenol content of the purified SGslP (PSGslP) was increased 5.11-fold from 8.29% to 42.38% after one treatment run. The(More)
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