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Breast cancer is becoming a leading death of women all over the world; clinical experiments demonstrate that early detection and accurate diagnosis can increase the potential of treatment. In order to improve the breast cancer diagnosis precision, this paper presents a novel automated segmentation and classification method for mammograms. We conduct the(More)
Mammography analysis is an efficient way for the early detection of breast cancer. In this paper, we present an integrated method for mass auto-segmentation in breast. First of all, the local threshold method, Rough Set theory and morphological filter are used to remove the label and enhance the mammogram. Secondly we apply the Hough Transformation(More)
Multi-agent systems (MAS) have received extensive studies in the last decade. However, little attention is paid to investigation on reasoning about logics in MAS with hierarchical structures. This paper proposes a complete quantified temporal KBC (knowledge, belief and certainty) logic and corresponding reasoning in hierarchical multi-agent systems (HMAS).(More)
R-wave detection is one of the most significant parts in Electrocardiogram (ECG) signal studies and plays an important role in the automatic ECG analysis system. In this research, we design a prototype of portable automatic ECG analysis system based on field programmable gate array (FPGA) using Altera DE2-70 development board. The system includes four(More)
Traditional solutions handle security at the application layer, which causes huge signaling overhead and long delay if authentication is implemented for every signal to enhance the security of wireless communication systems. In this paper, a realtime and two-way authentication method is proposed, which is based on the characteristics of radio channel(More)
The CIAC (Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry) Comprehensive Information System of Rare Earths is composed of three subsystems, namely, extraction data, physicochemical properties, and reference data. This paper describes the databases pertaining to the extraction of rare earths and their physicochemical properties and discusses the relationships(More)
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