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High-salinity wastewater is often difficult to treat by common biological technologies due to salinity stress on the bacterial community. Electricity-assisted anaerobic technologies have significantly enhanced the treatment performance by alleviating the impact of salinity stress on the bacterial community, but electricity-assisted aerobic technologies have(More)
In this study, the pyridine and quinoline could be cometabolically degraded by phenol-cultivated Comamonas sp. strain JB(strain JB). The integration of magnetically immobilized cells of JB and an E-Fenton process into one entity has been designed to prepare a novel integration system to improve the treatment efficiency of phenol, pyridine, and quinoline in(More)
A novel EMBR (electric field applied in MBR) by placing stainless steel mesh cathode inside a flat membrane module and stainless steel mesh anode outside the module was built and operated to enhance the treatment performance of coking wastewater containing phenol, pyridine and quinoline and reduce the membrane fouling. The degradation rates of COD, phenol,(More)
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