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Machine health condition (MHC) prediction is useful for preventing unexpected failures and minimizing overall maintenance costs since it provides decision-making information for condition-based maintenance (CBM). This paper presents a novel bearing health condition prediction approach based on enhanced online sequential learning fuzzy neural networks(More)
Question Answering communities such as Yahoo! Answers have emerged as a popular medium for online information seeking and knowledge sharing. However, as these QA sites always have thousands of new questions posted daily, it's time-consuming for users to find the questions that are of interest to them. Some QA sites conduct question recommendation by(More)
With the rapid growing popularity of XML to represent data, how to make good use of XML data in relational databases is worthy of study. Storing XML data as text in relational databases is a traditional strategy which cannot reflect the feature of XML format. In this paper, a mechanism for XML data storage and query in relational databases is proposed. XML(More)
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