Xiangyu Gao

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This paper investigates the non-fragile control problem for low earth orbit(LEO) spacecraft rendezvous subjects to the parameter uncertainties, the constraints of small-thrust and guaranteed cost. Based on C-W equations, the relative motion model with parameter uncertainties is established. By considering the null controllability of the model with vanishing(More)
This paper investigates the global exponential stability problem for the genetic regulatory networks (GRNs) with delays in both the continuous-time case and the discrete-time case. First, Dini derivative method is applied for a new Lyapunov functional to obtain a sufficient condition of the global exponential stability for a class of the continuous-time(More)
In this paper, a new optimal robust control design approach is proposed for the task of spacecraft rendezvous such that both the stabilization and optimal performance are achieved. An approximate closed-form solution to the nonlinear optimal control problem is obtained by employing the θ-D technique, which is derived based on an approximate solution to the(More)
A common technical challenge encountered in many operations management models is that decision variables are truncated by some random variables and the decisions are made before the values of these random variables are realized, leading to non-convex minimization problems. To address this challenge, we develop a powerful transformation technique which(More)
We provide a new approach to the analysis of the optimal joint inventory and transshipment control with uncertain capacities by employing the concept of L-convexity. In this approach, we use variable transformation techniques and apply two recent results to establish the L-concavity of the profit-to-go functions, which significantly simplifies the analysis(More)
A low-cost, hermetic wafer-level packaging solution with negligible parasitics suitable for MEMS resonators is presented. A glass cap with embedded 50!m diameter vertical single-crystal silicon feedthroughs is anodically bonded in vacuum to an SOI wafer prefabricated with mechanical resonators. This hermetic packaging process provides virtually(More)
The new type of piezoelectric vibration accelerometer was studied, which sensitive element is cymbal piezocomposite transducer with 2-(0)-2 connectivity rather than conventional piezoelectric ceramic. The nonlinearity property of output voltage of this new piezoelectric vibration accelerometer was investigated. The measurement circuit was designed. Using(More)