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In this paper, a new optimal robust control design approach is proposed for the task of spacecraft rendezvous such that both the stabilization and optimal performance are achieved. An approximate closed-form solution to the nonlinear optimal control problem is obtained by employing the θ-D technique, which is derived based on an approximate solution to the(More)
The new type of piezoelectric vibration accelerometer was studied, which sensitive element is cymbal piezocomposite transducer with 2-(0)-2 connectivity rather than conventional piezoelectric ceramic. The nonlinearity property of output voltage of this new piezoelectric vibration accelerometer was investigated. The measurement circuit was designed. Using(More)
—In this paper, we propose an efficient scheduling scheme for fading orthogonal frequency division multiplexing multiuser networks with user fairness rate constraints. This scheme, termed as binary rate scheduling (BRS), allows at most one user to transmit at a fixed rate if the selected user has its channel gain higher than a certain threshold. BRS scheme(More)
The dynamic laser antimissile problem is solved by the simulated annealing (SA) algorithm. The attacking sequence optimization plays an important role in the real-time application. When faced with multiple attacking targets, it is clearly important for the laser antimissile system to determine the sequence of the attacking targets to be intercepted so that(More)