Xiangying Wen

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Michelia coriacea, a critically endangered tree, has a restricted and fragmented distribution in Southeast Yunnan Province, China. The genetic diversity, genetic structure and gene flow in the three extant populations of this species were detected by 10 inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers and 11 simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. Examination of(More)
Michelia maudiae Dunn. is a Magnoliaceae species threatened by habitat destruction and over-exploitation. Genetic diversity and differentiation, population contribution to total diversity and allelic/haplotypic richness, and the relative importance of pollen- and seed-mediated gene flow were investigated in nine populations (192 individuals) of M. maudiae(More)
Seven polymorphic and transferable nuclear microsatellites were used to investigate the population structure of genetic diversity of Schisandra chinensis and Schisandra sphenanthera for facilitating their conservation and sustainable utilization. High levels of gene diversity were revealed in these two medicinal species, the majority of genetic diversity(More)
We assessed the current status of plant conservation translocation efforts in China, a topic poorly reported in recent scientific literature. We identified 222 conservation translocation cases involving 154 species, of these 87 were Chinese endemic species and 101 (78%) were listed as threatened on the Chinese Species Red List. We categorized the life form(More)
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