Xiangying Guan

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Sirtuins are key regulators of many cellular functions including cell growth, apoptosis, metabolism, and genetic control of age-related diseases. Sirtuins are themselves regulated by their cofactor nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) as well as their reaction product nicotinamide (NAM), the physiological concentrations of which vary during the process(More)
The authors would like to provide the expressions for K 1 ,K 2 ,K 3 , K m,NAD+ and v max for Equation 3, which should have been included as a supplementary file with the article. The expressions for K 1 ,K 2 ,K 3 ,K m,NAD+ and v max are provided in S1 File in this Correction. Supporting Information S1 File. Initial rate model for sirtuin deacetylation(More)
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