Xiangying Guan

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Geranoyl-CoA carboxylase (EC is a biotin-containing enzyme previously described in two genera of bacteria. Here we report the presence of geranoyl-CoA carboxylase in kingdom Plantae. Geranoyl-CoA carboxylase was purified 180-fold from maize leaves. The enzyme has a biotin-containing subunit of 122 kDa. The pH optimum for activity is 8.3. The(More)
Sirtuins are key regulators of many cellular functions including cell growth, apoptosis, metabolism, and genetic control of age-related diseases. Sirtuins are themselves regulated by their cofactor nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) as well as their reaction product nicotinamide (NAM), the physiological concentrations of which vary during the process(More)
The authors would like to provide the expressions for K 1 ,K 2 ,K 3 , K m,NAD+ and v max for Equation 3, which should have been included as a supplementary file with the article. The expressions for K 1 ,K 2 ,K 3 ,K m,NAD+ and v max are provided in S1 File in this Correction. Supporting Information S1 File. Initial rate model for sirtuin deacetylation(More)
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