Xiangyang Zhao

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In order to minimize the processing time for multiple robots to finish lots of tasks, an optimized multiple robots task allocation and path planning approach is proposed. In this approach, the optimized task sequence is first schemed on the assumption that all the tasks are processed by one robot. While scheming the task sequence. A star algorithm is(More)
Multiple mobile robot path planning in dynamic unknown environment is challenging. In this paper a novel artificial potential field (APF) based approach is proposed. In this approach, a robot was pulled to the goal position with the influence of the goal and static obstacles. When two or more robots meet at the range of safe distance, those robots was(More)
In mobile communication, the covering range and the interference is considered to be so important in each base station that it is necessary to know the regional transmission loss. Currently, there is a high margin of error in actual transmission loss model on the sea. This paper presents a propagation loss model. After doing many experiments, the results(More)
To improve the accuracy of radar measurement, mobile radar often needs to correct the radio wave refraction error. For the current refraction error correction methods, one has high accuracy but the computing speed is too slow, so it can not be used in real-time calculation, another has high speed, but its accuracy is low because of the use of simplified(More)
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