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We propose a new feature selection strategy based on rough sets and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). Rough sets has been used as a feature selection method with much success, but current hill-climbing rough set approaches to feature selection are inadequate at finding optimal reductions as no perfect heuristic can guarantee optimality. On the other hand,(More)
Most of the existing color image watermarking schemes were designed to mark the image luminance component only, which have some disadvantages: (i) they are sensitive to color attacks because of ignoring the correlation between different color channels, (ii) they are always not robust to geometric distortions for neglecting the watermark desynchronization.(More)
Synchronization is crucial to design a robust image watermarking scheme. In this paper, a novel feature-based image watermarking scheme against desynchronization attacks is proposed. The robust feature points, which can survive various signal-processing and affine transformation, are extracted by using the Harris-Laplace detector. A local characteristic(More)
On the basis of support vector regression (SVR), a new adaptive blind digital audio watermarking algorithm is proposed. This algorithm embeds the template information and watermark signal into the original audio by adaptive quantization according to the local audio correlation and human auditory masking. The procedure of watermark extraction is as follows.(More)
—Infrastructure-based vehicular networks (consisting of a group of Base Stations (BSs) along the road) will be widely deployed to support Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment (WAVE) and a series of safety and non-safety related applications and services for vehicles on the road. As an important measure of user satisfaction level, uplink connectivity(More)
Pattern Recognition ()-In digital audio watermarking, the watermark's vulnerability to desynchronization attacks has long been a difficult problem. According to the audio statistics characteristics and synchronization code technique, a new robust audio watermarking scheme against desynchronization attacks is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the original(More)