Xiangyang Qi

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This letter presents an accurate range model, named as Doppler parameter range model (DRM), to perform signal processing for geosynchronous synthetic aperture radar (Geo-SAR). Besides that a credible approach, defined as accurate coordinate numeric model (ACNM), is proposed to simulate the raw echo signals. To improve the accuracy of DRM and ACNM, the(More)
The characteristic difference between targets and clutter is analyzed. Considering the ship target's gray intensity distribution and its shape difference compared to the clutter, in this letter, a new algorithm is presented based on correlation. The algorithm utilizes the strong gray intensity correlation in the ship target; also, the joint gray intensity(More)
This paper presents a new approach to calculate the 1– 4th order Doppler parameters for Geosynchronous Synthetic Aperture Radar (Geo-SAR). To get accurate calculation results, the Earth is modeled as an ellipsoid and the relative motion between the sensor in an elliptical orbit and the rotating Earth is analyzed. The J2, J3 and J4 orbital perturbation items(More)
Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) has proven to be a powerful remote sensing instrument for underground and obscured object detection. However, SAR echoes are often contaminated by radio frequency interferences (RFI) from multiple broadcasting stations. Essentially, RFI suppression problem is one-dimensional stationary time series denoising problem. This(More)
In order to validate the application of Large eddy simulation in the field of incompressible flow, the author used Large eddy simulation to compute 2-dimensional incompressible flows around an airfoil by software Fluent. In the beginning of computation, the paper prepared five types of mesh in order to check up the LES requiring for mesh. Then the author(More)
Besides the evident superiority, the Geosynchronous Earth orbit synthetic aperture radar (Geo-SAR) system meets great more challenges than the current Low-Earth-Orbital SAR (Leo-SAR) and the Medium-Earth-Orbit SAR (Meo-SAR). The signal processing approach for spotlight mode Geo-SAR is discussed in this paper. A new range model called the sixth-order Doppler(More)
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