Xiangyang Luo

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Adaptive JPEG steganographic schemes are difficult to preserve the image texture features in all scales and orientations when the embedding changes are constrained to the complicated texture regions, then a steganalysis feature extraction method is proposed based on 2 dimensional (2D) Gabor filters. The 2D Gabor filters have certain optimal joint(More)
Patients with multi-transfused thalassaemia major may develop severe endocrine complications due to iron overload. The anterior pituitary is particularly sensitive to iron overload which disrupts hormonal secretion resulting in hypogonadism, short stature , acquired hypothyroidism and hypoparathyroidism. Glucose intolerance and diabetes mellitus are also(More)
Invasiveness is a major clinical feature of glioma, an aggressive brain tumor with poor prognosis. Although there is emerging evidence that some microRNAs are involved in the glioma cell invasion process, it remains necessary to find functional microRNAs and elucidate the underlying molecular mechanisms. Here, we reported that a microRNA, miR-383, was(More)
A kind of dynamic opcode n-gram software birthmark is proposed in this paper based on Myles' software birthmark (in which static opcode n-gram set is regarded as the software birthmark). The dynamic opcode n-gram set is regarded as the software birthmark which is extracted from the dynamic executable instruction sequence of the program. And the new(More)
Replacement of least-significant bit plane is one of the popular steganography techniques in digital images because of its extreme simplicity. But it is more difficult to precisely estimate the rate of secret message embedded by replacement of multiple least-significant bit (MLSB) planes of a carrier object. In order to model the MLSB embedding, a lemma is(More)
Virtualization technique is one core of cloud computing. For the virtualization security problem introduced by cloud computing, especially for the private cloud computing, a solution based on divide-conquer strategy is proposed. First, the security risks induced by virtualization are analyzed and classified, and then based on the divide-conquer idea, for(More)