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China’s response to a national land-system sustainability emergency
China has responded to a national land-system sustainability emergency via an integrated portfolio of large-scale programmes. Here we review 16 sustainability programmes, which invested US$378.5Expand
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CNGC2 Is a Ca2+ Influx Channel That Prevents Accumulation of Apoplastic Ca2+ in the Leaf1
Arabidopsis CNGC2 is a Ca2+-permeable channel that mediates Ca2+ influx into mesophyll cells near minor veins but has no direct role in the hypersensitive response or leaf senescence. Ca2+ isExpand
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Alpha, Beta and Gamma Diversity Differ in Response to Precipitation in the Inner Mongolia Grassland
Understanding the distribution pattern and maintenance mechanism of species diversity along environmental gradients is essential for developing biodiversity conservation strategies underExpand
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The response of grassland productivity, soil carbon content and soil respiration rates to different grazing regimes in a desert steppe in northern China
Soil respiration is a major process for organic carbon losses from arid ecosystems. A field experiment was conducted in 2010 and 2012 on the responses to continuous grazing, rotational grazing and noExpand
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Response of the annual biomass production of a typical steppe plant community to precipitation fluctuations
Understanding the relationship between the aboveground net primary production (ANPP) and annual precipitation in arid and semiarid grasslands is crucial for assessing the effects of climate change onExpand
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Effects of grazing and fencing on carbon and nitrogen reserves in plants and soils of alpine meadow in the three headwater resource regions
Knowledge about carbon and nitrogen in plants and soils and response to fence and graze in alpine ecosystems is still rudimentary because of extremely geographic situation. The purpose of this studyExpand
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Selection of Reference Genes for qRT-PCR Analysis of Gene Expression in Stipa grandis during Environmental Stresses
Stipa grandis P. Smirn. is a dominant plant species in the typical steppe of the Xilingole Plateau of Inner Mongolia. Selection of suitable reference genes for the quantitative real-time reverseExpand
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Effect of restricted time at pasture and indoor supplementation on ingestive behaviour, dry matter intake and weight gain of growing lambs
Abstract Herbage intake and production performance of animals are likely to vary between different levels of time grazing pasture because of related changes in foraging behaviour. The effect ofExpand
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Grazing primarily drives the relative abundance change of C4 plants in the typical steppe grasslands across households at a regional scale
Increases in temperature and grazing intensity are believed to promote the relative abundance of C4 plants in grassland communities in Inner Mongolia. However, there is a lack of understanding as toExpand
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Different responses of plant species to deferment of sheep grazing in a desert steppe of Inner Mongolia, China
This paper reports the effects of different deferments of sheep grazing on plant variables of desert steppe vegetation in Inner Mongolia during 2010–2012. The study was initiated in May 2010 andExpand
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