Xiangyang Gao

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Van der Waals adhesion between graphene and substrate has an important impact on the graphene-based sensor performance. Here, we proposed a simple in situ measurement method for the adhesion energy of the graphene diaphragm suspended on the endface of a ferrule. The interaction between the diaphragm and its substrate created a low finesse Fabry-Perot (FP)(More)
In order to improve the strength of brazing joint of sapphire microwave window with oxygen-free copper, a new technique is studied in this paper. The new technique consists of three parts: a) plating Ti film on sapphire surface, b) covering the surface with Ni film and pre-diffusing at high temperature, and c) brazing the surface with conventional AgCu(More)
In an attempt to obtain an industrial strain with higher yield of wanlongmycin, the wild strain Streptomyces griseovariabilis GAAS2507 was mutated by a novel mutagen, nitrogen ion beam with energy of 20 kilo electron volts (KeV) and dose ranging from 7.80 x 10 to 2.86 x 10 ions/cm. One mutant strain WN939 was obtained. Its yield of wanlongmycin reached(More)
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