Xiangxian Chen

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The objective of this study is to present a new numerical strategy using soft computing techniques to determine the optimal die gap programming of extrusion blow molding processes. In this study, the design objective is to target a uniform part thickness after parison inflation by manipulating the parison die gap openings over time. To model the whole(More)
PURPOSE To apply massage therapy accompanied with stretching exercises for treatment of mammary gland hyperplasia, evaluate the clinical outcome in patients, and estimate the therapy as a novel treatment method for mammary hyperplasia. METHODS 28 adult female patients were selected and treated with massage therapy and stretching exercises focusing on(More)
The performance of the human-machine dialogue at in-car environment is considerably deteriorated by background noises and other disturbances. In this paper, the authors present an in-car speech enhancement (ICSE) method to improve quality of speech signals suffering the in-car noises. The method is based on a novel signal processing technology called the(More)
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