Xiangwei Zhang

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A computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system to detect small-size (from 2 mm to around 10 mm) pulmonary nodules in helical CT scans is developed. This system uses different schemes to locate juxtapleural nodules and non-pleural nodules. For juxtapleural nodules, morphological closing, thresholding and labeling are performed to obtain volumetric nodule(More)
This paper through a case study presents an application procedure for haptic modeling in reverse engineering based on physical objects. Starting from the import of a dataset digitized from a physical object, by 3D touch the final digital prototype for reconstruction can be sculpted, smoothed, etc. to form a shape of interest. Afterwards, patches can be(More)
In Make-to-Order and Manual Operation System(MTO/MOS), product quality closely relats to worker skills, work attitude, work status, incentive and punishment mechanisms. While facing to disturbances of emergency orders insertion, equipment failure, loss of workers, the quality of the product are neglectly affected and the qualified rate changes Severely. In(More)
Election campaign algorithm (ECA) is a new heuristic optimization algorithm, it acts by simulating the behavior that the election candidates pursue the highest support in campaign all along. Test functions are applied to verify the ECA. The computational results show that ECA is able to find out the global solution entirely.
—In this paper, an algorithm for data points approximation with deformable models based on gradient vector flow is proposed. Firstly, the data points are projected onto an image plane to define the digital image composed of data points. The external force of data points is calculated as gradient vector flow. The kind of external force is a static force(More)
A new physically based model for the shape modification of B-spline curve with geometric constraints is presented. The deformation energy of the B-spline curve is minimized based on finite element method, while geometric constraints can be imposed to control the modified shape. By changing the external force, different methods of modification can be(More)
BACKGROUND The current TNM classification system does not consider tumor length for patients with esophageal carcinoma (EC). This study explored the effect of tumor length, in addition to tumor depth and lymph node involvement, on survival in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). METHODS A total of 498 ESCC patients who underwent(More)
The tasks of extracting the 3D geometric features such as lines, corners, and planes play an important role in 3D modeling. This paper presents a novel 3D planar extracting algorithm based on fuzzy clustering. Our objective is focused on developing a set of techniques for the automatic extraction of 3D indoor models with robots, which is motivated by the(More)