Xianguang Zhang

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Arsenic trioxide (As2O3), a kind of pentavalent arsenic, has recently been linked to disrupted immune function. Heat shock proteins (Hsps), a group of highly conserved proteins, are rapidly synthesised when living organisms are exposed to various stress conditions. The objective of this study is to determine the effects of As2O3 on the expression level of(More)
Grid computing has been a hot spot recent year. In grid computing applications, resource management and job scheduling are the most crucial problems in grid computing systems. In this paper, we try to present a novel agent-based dynamic grid resource management model considering both the resource management and job scheduling as a coalition integrity, so as(More)
Aluminum (Al) toxicity is a predominant growth-limiting factor in acid soils. Better understanding of the genetic mechanisms by which plants tolerate toxic Al expedites the development of tolerant plant genotypes. The genetic behavior of apparent Al tolerance in two triticale crosses as measured by root regrowth of seedlings at a level of 10 μg · g−1 Al(More)
The objective of this study was to quantify the genetic variability and determine the inheritance of Al tolerance in lucerne (or alfalfa) using a 4-parent diallel mating design. Regrowth root length (RRL), along with root length (RL) and total root length (TRL), was measured to indicate relative Al stress response using a hydroponic system in a 3 μM Al(More)
Comparative analyses of genetic variability of aluminium tolerance response were made in a range of triticale genotypes of two sets, one consisting of six Australian cultivars (or lines), the other consisting of eight South African lines and an Australian check, by following solution culture and screening under controlled growth cabinet conditions. Results(More)
Cold plastic deformation produces misorientations inside the crystal grains, and the distribution of the misorientation is quite crucial to understand the deformation behavior of the metals or alloys. The misorientation manifestations in chemical etching contrast are investigated in this study in the case of cold-deformed iron. The chemical etching is(More)
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