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a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t JEL classification: C72 Keywords: Nonatomic game Supermodular game Strong set order Stochastic dominance order Complete lattice We introduce the nonatomic supermodular game, where no player's action has any discernible impact on other players' payoffs and yet strategic complementarities prevail among all players' types(More)
—A fault-tolerant scheme, called dual homing, is generally used in IP-based access networks to increase the availability of the networks. In a dual-homing architecture, a host is connected to two different access routers; therefore, it is unlikely that the host will be denied access to the network as the result of an access line break, a defective power(More)
Multicast is an important application in all-optical WDM networks. The wavelength assignment problem for WDM multicast is to assign a set of wavelengths to the links of a given multicast tree. In an all-optical WDM network without wavelength conversions, wavelength assignment is the key to guarantee the quality of service and to reduce communication costs.(More)
We study the optimal production-inventory-outsourcing policy for a firm with Markovian in-house production capacity that faces independent stochastic demand and has the option to outsource. We find very simple optimal policy forms under fairly reasonable assumptions. In addition, when the capacity Markov process is stochastically monotone, the policy(More)
In this research, we introduce a dual-purpose simulation model that integrates two decision support systems used by the US Postal Service to configure and staff their mail processing and distribution centers (P&DCs). The first system is designed to optimize the daily equipment schedules and the second to optimize the size and composition of the permanent(More)