Xiangsheng Xia

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Recovery of fish and wildlife populations after stressor mitigation serves as a basis for evaluating remediation success. Unfortunately, effectively monitoring population status on a routine basis can be difficult and costly. In the present study, the authors describe a framework that can be applied in conjunction with field monitoring efforts (e.g.,(More)
A Lake Michigan Ecosystem Model (LM-Eco) that includes a detailed description of trophic levels and their interactions was developed for Lake Michigan. The LM-Eco model constitutes a first step toward a comprehensive Lake Michigan ecosystem productivity model to investigate ecosystem-level responses and effects within the lower food web of the lake. The(More)
Credible ecological risk assessments often need to include analysis of population-level impacts. In the present study, a predictive model was developed to investigate population dynamics for white sucker (Catostomus commersoni) exposed to pulp mill effluent at a well-studied site in Jackfish Bay, Lake Superior, Canada. The model uniquely combines a Leslie(More)
In 2005, Wang et al. proposed a forward secure proxy signature scheme, they claimed that an adversary could not forge the former proxy signature even if proxy signerpsilas current secret key is lost. However, Zhang et al. pointed out that their scheme is insecure and doesnpsilat satisfy the forward security. Furthermore, Zhang et al. presented a(More)
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