Xiangrui Zeng

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The energy efficiency of parallel hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) can degrade significantly when the battery state-of-charge (SoC) reaches its boundaries. The road grade has a great influence on the HEV battery charging and discharging processes, and therefore the HEV energy management can be benefited from the road grade preview. In real-world driving, the(More)
Fixed-route driving is very common in real world, and it is different from the fixed-cycle driving in which no uncertainties are included. However, most hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) energy management strategies are developed under fixed cycles and there is not guarantee of performance of these strategies under the real-world driving conditions. The(More)
Cellular electron cryo-tomography enables the 3D visualization of cellular organization in the near-native state and at submolecular resolution. However, the contents of cellular tomograms are often complex, making it difficult to automatically isolate different in situ cellular components. In this paper, we propose a convolutional autoencoder-based(More)
Human driver's pedal behavior is difficult to model because it is the output of a very complicated virtual stochastic system. This paper provides a new way to describe driver's pedal behavior after decomposing it into a sequence of actions. By considering the vehicle and road information as the inputs and the pedal action as the output, an(More)
Driver pedal behavior models can benefit vehicle powertrain control and intelligent driving assistance system designs. This paper proposes a novel way to describe the pedal position signal by decomposing it into a series of actions and a nonlinear stochastic driver pedal behavior model is presented under the input-output hidden Markov model (IOHMM)(More)
Classical optimal control methods require complete information of the dynamic processes, which means that for a system with unpredictable but measurable disturbances, the optimal control and minimum cost can only be calculated after the process is finished. In some applications, the absolute value of the cost may be of less interest than the relative cost,(More)
Dual-loop EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) systems can provide the authorities of controlling the engine intake manifold gas conditions for steady-state and transient operations of advanced combustion modes. Due to the inherent transport delay of an air-path system, the response of the intake manifold oxygen concentration is usually slower than those of the(More)
Cellular processes are governed by macromolecular complexes inside the cell. Study of the native structures of macromolecular complexes has been extremely difficult due to lack of data. With recent breakthroughs in Cellular electron cryo tomography (CECT) 3D imaging technology, it is now possible for researchers to gain accesses to fully study and(More)
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