Xiangru Qu

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This study was designed to investigate the effect of pseudo-G-Rh2, a novel metabolite of ginsenoside Rh2, on the apoptosis of SGC-7901 human gastric cancer cells. Pseudo-G-Rh2 demonstrated antitumor activity and significantly inhibited the proliferation of SGC-7901 cells in a concentration-dependent manner. After(More)
β-d-Glucopyranoside,(3β,12β,20E)-12,25-dihydroxydammar-20(22)-en-3-yl (pseudo-ginsenoside Rh2) and its 20Z-isomer were synthesized from ginsenoside Rh2 under a mild condition, via a simple three-step called acetylation, elimination-addition and saponification. In addition, their activities were evaluated by eight different human tumor cells, compared with(More)
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