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The analysis of biological information from protein sequences is important for the study of cellular functions and interactions, and protein fold recognition plays a key role in the prediction of protein structures. Unfortunately, the prediction of protein fold patterns is challenging due to the existence of compound protein structures. Here, we processed(More)
Spiking neural P systems with anti-spikes (ASN P systems, for short) are a class of distributed parallel computing devices inspired from the way neurons communicate by means of spikes and inhibitory spikes. ASN P systems working in the synchronous manner with standard spiking rules have been proved to be Turing completeness, do what Turing machine can do.(More)
The 3-SAT problem is an NP-complete problem, and many algorithms based on DNA computing have been proposed for solving it since Adleman's pioneering work. This paper presents a new algorithm based on the literal string strategy proposed by Sakamoto et al. Simulation results show that the maximal number of literal strings produced during the computing(More)
Consulting through message-updating in social network is regarded as a popular way of information seeking. However, most questions cannot receive answers or suggestions timely, and some questions even fail to get replies. Thus, identifying microblogs that contain questions (we call them “question microblog”) and recommending answers automatically are(More)
The research on resistance genes (R-gene) plays a vital role in bioinformatics as it has the capability of coping with adverse changes in the external environment, which can form the corresponding resistance protein by transcription and translation. It is meaningful to identify and predict R-gene of Larimichthys crocea (L.Crocea). It is friendly for(More)
Spiking neural P system is a class of bio-inspired computing model; a feature of traditional SN P system is that the precise execution time of each rule plays a crucial role. However, the execution that each rule has a precise execution time does not coincide with the biological fact, since the execution time of biochemical reactions can vary because of(More)