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Dynamic optical coherence tomography in studies of optical clearing, sedimentation, and aggregation of immersed blood.
The concept of refractive-index matching to enhance the optical penetration depth of whole blood is discussed on the basis of in vitro studies that used the technique of near-infrared opticalExpand
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Effect of dextran-induced changes in refractive index and aggregation on optical properties of whole blood.
The purpose of the present study is to investigate systematically the mechanisms of alterations in the optical properties of whole blood immersed in the biocompatible agent dextran, and to define theExpand
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Comparative antioxidative characteristics of polysaccharide-enriched extracts from natural sclerotia and cultured mycelia in submerged fermentation of Inonotus obliquus
Abstract The potential antioxidant property of polysaccharide-enriched extracts from the natural fungal sclerotia and the cultured mycelia in submerged fermentation of Inonotus obliquus was evaluatedExpand
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Synergistic effect of hyperosmotic agents of dimethyl sulfoxide and glycerol on optical clearing of gastric tissue studied with near infrared spectroscopy.
In an effort to find an effective concentration that could minimize the side effect for clinical applications, and to understand the potential synergistic effect of hyperosmotic agents on opticalExpand
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Analysis of characteristic aroma of fungal fermented Fuzhuan brick-tea by gas chromatography/mass spectrophotometry
Fuzhuan brick-tea is a popular fermented Chinese dark tea because of its typical fungal aroma. Fungal growth during the production process is the key step in achieving the unique colour, aroma andExpand
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Sonophoretic Delivery for Contrast and Depth Improvement in Skin Optical Coherence Tomography
Our previous studies demonstrated the feasibility of using a sonophoretic delivery method to enhance skin light transmittance with topical application of optical clearing agents using spectroscopy.Expand
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Solid state bioconversion of lignocellulosic residues by Inonotus obliquus for production of cellulolytic enzymes and saccharification.
White rot fungi have been usually considered for lignin degradation and ligninolytic enzyme production. To understand whether the white rot fungus Inonotus obliquus was able to produce highlyExpand
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Combined Effect of Ultrasound-SLS on Skin Optical Clearing
Our previous studies demonstrated the ultrasound-induced skin optical clearing enhancement with topical application of optical clearing agents on in vitro porcine skin and in vivo human skin. TheExpand
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Concurrent enhancement of imaging depth and contrast for optical coherence tomography by hyperosmotic agents
The highly scattering nature of nontransparent human tissue limits the imaging depth of optical coherence tomography (OCT) to 1–2 mm. When the longer wavelength of the light source is used; theExpand
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Optimization of hydroxyl radical scavenging activity of exo-polysaccharides from Inonotus obliquus in submerged fermentation using response surface methodology.
The objectives of this study were to investigate the effect of fermentation medium on the hydroxyl radical scavenging activity of exo-polysaccharides from Inonotus obliquus by response surfaceExpand
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