Xiangquan Zhai

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Manipulating graphene through engineering for macroscopic assemblies of practical importance is a big challenge. We develop a dually geometric confinement approach for the scalable preparation of meter-long graphene microtubings (μGTs) with a tunable diameter. They have strength comparable to graphene fiber and can be shaped to hierarchical multichannel μGT(More)
Chemical reduction of graphene oxide (GO) is the main route to produce the mass graphene-based materials with tailored surface chemistry and functions. However, the toxic reducing circumstances, multiple steps, and even incomplete removal of the oxygen-containing groups were involved, and the produced graphenes existed usually as the assembly-absent(More)
A one-pot solvothermal process has been developed for direct preparation of PdCu nanocapsules (with a size of ca. 10 nm) on three-dimensional (3D) graphene. Due to the 3D pore-rich network of graphene and the unique hollow structure of PdCu nanocapsules with a wall thickness of ca. 3 nm, the newly-prepared PdCu/3D graphene hybrids activated(More)
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