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Triple positive solutions for some second-order boundary value problem on a measure chain
We study the existence of three positive solutions for the second-order two-point boundary value problem on a measure chain. Expand
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Triple positive solutions for the one-dimensional $p$-laplacian
We consider the boundary value problem: $ \left(\varphi_p(x'(t))\right)'+ q(t)f(t, x(t), x'(t))=0, p>1, t \in [0, 1] $, with $ x(0)=x(1)=0 $, or $ x(0)=x'(1)=0 $. Using a fixed point theorem due toExpand
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By means of the Lie algebra G1, we construct an extended Lie algebra G2. Two different isospectral problems are designed by the two different Lie algebra G1 and G2. With the help of the variationalExpand
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Geotechnical centrifuge model tests for explosion cratering and propagation laws of blast wave in sand
This paper presents the explosion cratering effects and their propagation laws of blast waves in dry standard sands using a 450 g-t geotechnical centrifuge apparatus. Ten centrifuge model tests wereExpand
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Positive solutions for some 1-dimensional boundary value problems of Laplace-type
AbstractThis paper deals with the existence of triple positive solutions for the 1-dimensional equation of Laplace-type $$\left( {\phi (x'(t))} \right)^\prime + q(t)f(t,x(t),x'(t)) = 0, t \inExpand
Molecular resonances and the Jacobi shape transition in 48Cr
The 24Mg + 24Mg reaction has been studied at the Legnaro Tandem at a CM bombarding energy of 45.7 MeV where a narrow and high spin resonance has been reported previously. The decay of the resonanceExpand
Underwater explosion in centrifuge Part II: Dynamic responses of defensive steel plate
Part II of this paper is focused on the dynamic response of a steel plate of the centrifuge model which is fixed on the container. This plate is 5 cm thick, allowing for non-destructive elasticExpand
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Underwater explosion in centrifuge part I: Validation and calibration of scaling laws
Centrifuge is a promising tool for underwater explosion (UNDEX) research as both Mach and Froude similitudes could be satisfied with hyper-gravity in models, which would result in similarities inExpand
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