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The availability offered by current data replication and update algorithms varies with dynamically changing conditions which include the network configuration and system load. With dynamic adaptability, systems can switch to an appropriate mechanism to improve perFormance and availability, In this paper, we present an algorithm to estimate the overall(More)
Multi-media messages are typically very large and vary from tens to thousands of kilobytcs in size. This paper investigates the transmission of large multi-media messages on an Ethernet LAN, Internet WAN, and an ATM LAN. We proposed a UDP cooling method by introducing a. short delay between each datagram for large message transmissions. Experiments show(More)
Accompanied by the popularization of EVs, the planning of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations becomes an important concern of distribution network planning. In this paper, the load density method is introduced to determine the optimal capacity of the EV charging stations in the areas to be planned, and the difference between 1 and the weight(More)
Aiming at the fact that large-scale penetration of wind power will to some extent weaken the small signal stability of power systems, in this paper, the dynamic model of a doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) is established firstly, to analyze the impact of wind generation on power oscillation damping. Then, based on the conventional maximum power point(More)
To provide users with a uniform interface to access federated database systems , local database schemas must be integrated to form a. global schema. Before the integration, objects to be integrated need to be defined. Only semantically similar objects are integrated. In our paper, we define semantic similarity via a method which considers the semantics of(More)
VSC-HVDC is anticipated as a flexible and reliable solution for photovoltaic (PV) power transmission. In this paper, the model of PV grid paralleled in infinite grid through VSC-HVDC is built in PSCAD/EMTDC. And corresponding D-Q decoupled control strategy for the system is proposed. Both normal condition and short-circuit fault condition have been(More)
Micro-grid can be classified as grid connected or isolated. In isolated micro-grid it acts as a small power system with its all part (generation, transmission, and distribution). The main driver for isolated micro-grid is the availability of local energy resources. Hybrid Renewable energy system (HRES) is a combination of one or more renewable resources(More)
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