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TaHIR1 and TaHIR3 play positive roles in resistance to the stripe rust fungus via inducing HR and regulating defense-related genes, but are negatively regulated by various abiotic stimuli. Plant hypersensitive-induced reaction (HIR) genes are known to be associated with the hypersensitive response and disease defense. In wheat, two HIR genes, TaHIR1 and(More)
Valsa mali is a causal agent of apple and pear trees canker disease, which is a destructive disease that causes serious economic losses in eastern Asia, especially in China. The lack of an efficient transformation system for Valsa mali retards its investigation, which poses difficulties to control the disease. In this research, a transformation system for(More)
Senescent cells within the tumor microenvironment (TME) adopt a proinflammatory, senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP) that promotes cancer initiation, progression, and therapeutic resistance. Here, exposure to palbociclib (PD-0332991), a CDK4/6 inhibitor, induces senescence and a robust SASP in normal fibroblasts. Senescence caused by prolonged(More)
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