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With service-oriented architecture entering into the mainstream and the fundamental role security service played in Grid computing, it is necessary and commonplace to integrate security service(s) with other Grid services. However, current ad-hoc, handcrafted and proprietary integrating manners greatly hinder the the newly-integrated service’s QoS(More)
The problem of resource selection in Grid is challenging because of the wide range of selection and the high degree of strangeness. Efficient resource sharing and utilization cannot be achieved without the guarantee of a higher degree of trust relationship. In this paper, reputation mechanism is introduced to resource selection in Grid, which aims at(More)
In grid, cooperation often occurs between unknown entities. To guarantee smooth and reliable ongoing of such cooperation, reliable trust relationship must be established between them. With wide application in electronic commerce and online communities, reputation mechanism emerges as a promising solution, where a scientific reputation evaluation method is(More)
Reputation-based trust system emerges as a promising mechanism for trust establishment between unknown entities in grid, in which the reliability of first-hand ratings plays a crucial part. In this paper, we propose a pre-evaluating set based bias-tuned approach for dishonest feedback filtering in such system, which has taken reputation's subjective feature(More)
Without reliable trust relationship established between cooperative parties, the paradigm of large-scale resource sharing and cooperative problem solving as envisioned by most will not come true in grid. What's more, for the scale and openness of grid environment, cooperation often occurs among completely unknown entities, where traditional identity-based(More)