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Smart phones is bringing about emerging potentials in mobile visual search. Extensive research efforts have been made in compact visual descriptors. However, directly extracting visual descriptors on a mobile device is computationally intensive and time consuming. Towards low bit rate visual search, we propose to deeply compress query images by learning a(More)
In the joint mode of MVC (Multiview Video Coding), to fully exploit both temporal and inter-view correlation, motion estimation (ME) and disparity estimation (DE) have been employed to achieve the highest coding efficiency. However, it causes enormous computational complexity. An adaptive ME and DE algorithm is proposed to reduce the complexity in this(More)
The quality assessment for synthesized video with texture/depth compression distortion is important for the design, optimization, and evaluation of the multi-view video plus depth (MVD)-based 3D video system. In this paper, the subjective and objective studies for synthesized view assessment are both conducted. First, a synthesized video quality database(More)
In 3D video systems, imperfect depth images often induce annoying temporal noise, e.g., flickering, to the synthesized video. However, the quality of synthesized view is usually measured with peak signal-to-noise ratio or mean squared error, which mainly focuses on pixelwise frame-by-frame distortion regardless of the obvious temporal artifacts. In this(More)
Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have been fabricated by using hydrosilylated silicon quantum dots (Si QDs). In these Si-QD LEDs ZnO-nanocrystal films are electron transport layers (ETLs). Poly (N,N′-bis (4-butylphenyl)-N,N′-bis (phenyl)-benzidine) (poly-TPD) films are hole transport layers (HTLs). All the Si-QD LEDs exhibit electroluminescence around the(More)