Xiangjun Fu

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Web services composition is a crucial aspect of Web services technology, which gives us the opportunity for selecting new services and best suits our needs at the moment. Doing this automatically would require us to compute our criteria for composing candidate services. Our research represent all criteria guiding the selection of the services as constraints(More)
Ontology based product modeling technology can achieve a more efficient knowledge sharing in enterprise and among enterprises. However, these models must be of semantic correctness and universal applicability. Although there already exist many solutions for how to build product ontology, little research has been undertaken on these models' quality(More)
Configuration for products in the distributed and dynamic computing environment motivates the demand for semantic based cooperation. Stand-alone data model of configuration systems does not meet the new requirements. We propose a multi-ontology based knowledge-base solution, which take the process knowledge of distributed systems into consideration. The(More)
In order to capture knowledge of complicated product model, the expressive language ALCNHR^+ K(D) is introduced. It cannot only be able to represent knowledge about concrete domain and constraints, but also rules in some sense of closed world semantic model hypothesis. Also the paper takes an extension to the traditional description logic (DL) reasoning(More)
In the context of the semantic web; product knowledge is represented as product ontologies in it's conceptual level. Product ontology construction, integration, and evolution greatly depend on the availability of well-defined semantics and powerful reasoning tools, as to facilitate machine understandability of web resources. In order to capture the semantic(More)