Xiangjiao Tang

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The temperature control system has the characteristic of non-linearity, large inertia and time variability. It is difficulty to overcome the effects of these factors and get the satisfactory results with using the normal PID controller. Therefore, a self-adaptive PID controller based on fuzzy is adopted in this paper. By the means of adjusting the(More)
Least square method is widely applied in the field of self-adaptation control for it has well statistical property, such as consistency and unbiasedness. So we can improve the control effect of Second-order System by using least square method in self-adaptive PID control. In this paper a self-adaptive PID controller of Second-order System is discussed. The(More)
As the liquid position control system has the characteristic of a large time delay, instability and non-linear, a neural network self-adaptive PID controller based on self-adaptive PID and neural network is introduced in this paper, it can optimize and adjust the controller parameters on line. The system simulation is carried out in the end. The simulation(More)
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