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This paper proposes a license plate detection algorithm using both global statistical features and local Haar-like features. Classifiers using global statistical features are constructed firstly through simple learning procedures. Using these classifiers, more than 70% of background area can be excluded from further training or detecting. Then the AdaBoost(More)
This paper proposes a new unsupervised method for decomposing a multi-author document into authorial components. We assume that we do not know anything about the document and the authors, except the number of the authors of that document. The key idea is to exploit the difference in the posterior probability of the Naive-Bayesian model to increase the(More)
Fractal image compression is a relatively recent image compression method which exploits similarities in different parts of the image. The basic idea is to represent an image by fractals and each of which is the fixed point of an Iterated Function System (IFS). Therefore, an input image can be represented by a series of IFS codes rather than pixels. In this(More)
Deblurring camera-based document image is an important task in digital document processing, since it can improve both the accuracy of optical character recognition systems and the visual quality of document images. Traditional deblurring algorithms have been proposed to work for natural-scene images. However the natural-scene images are not consistent with(More)
Intrusion detection systems are widely used security tools to detect cyber-attacks and malicious activities in computer systems and networks. Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP) is used for new applications without much interference. In this paper, we focus on intrusion detection of HTTP traffic by applying pattern recognition techniques using our(More)
Spiral Architecture is a relatively new and powerful approach to machine vision system. The geometrical arrangement of pixels on Spiral architecture can be described in terms of a hexagonal grid. However, all the existing hardware for capturing image and for displaying image are produced based on rectangular architecture. It has become a serious problem(More)