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This paper proposes a license plate detection algorithm using both global statistical features and local Haar-like features. Classifiers using global statistical features are constructed firstly through simple learning procedures. Using these classifiers, more than 70% of background area can be excluded from further training or detecting. Then the AdaBoost(More)
Emotional factors directly reflect audiences’ attention, evaluation and memory. Recently, video affective content analysis attracts more and more research efforts. Most of the existing methods map low-level affective features directly to emotions by applying machine learning. Compared to human perception process, there is actually a gap between low-level(More)
There has been a rapid development in the growth of multimedia and communications in the past few years. With the widespread use of the networks, intellectual properties can be obtained, reproduced or redistributed easily. This creates a high demand for content protection techniques. Watermarking, one of the most efficient ways to protect the digital(More)
Spiral Architecture is a relatively new and powerful approach to machine vision system. The geometrical arrangement of pixels on Spiral architecture can be described in terms of a hexagonal grid. However, all the existing hardware for capturing image and for displaying image are produced based on rectangular architecture. It has become a serious problem(More)
Different from the existing work focusing on emotion type detection, the proposed approach in this paper provides flexibility for users to pick up their favorite affective content by choosing either emotion intensity levels or emotion types. Specifically, we propose a hierarchical structure for movie emotions and analyze emotion intensity and emotion type(More)
—In this paper we propose a novel framework for action recognition based on multiple features for improve action recognition in videos. The fusion of multiple features is important for recognizing actions as often a single feature based representation is not enough to capture the imaging variations (viewpoint , illumination etc.) and attributes of(More)
Hexagonal structure is different from the traditional square structure for image representation. The geometrical arrangement of pixels on hexagonal structure can be described in terms of a hexagonal grid. Hexagonal structure provides an easy way for image translation and rotation transformations. However, all the existing hardware for capturing image and(More)
Big data, often stored in cloud networks, is changing our business models and applications. Rich information residing in big data is driving business decision making to be a data-driven process. The security and privacy of this data, however, have always been a concern of the data owners. Securing cloud computing environments could strengthen data security(More)