Xiangjian He

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Interconnected systems, such as Web servers, database servers, cloud computing servers and so on, are now under threads from network attackers. As one of most common and aggressive means, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks cause serious impact on these computing systems. In this paper, we present a DoS attack detection system that uses multivariate correlation(More)
Cloud computing plays an important role in current converged networks. It brings convenience of accessing services and information to users regardless of location and time. However, there are some critical security issues residing in cloud computing, such as availability of services. Denial of service occurring on cloud computing has even more serious(More)
Deblurring camera-based document image is an important task in digital document processing, since it can improve both the accuracy of optical character recognition systems and the visual quality of document images. Traditional deblurring algorithms have been proposed to work for natural-scene images. However the natural-scene images are not consistent with(More)
There has been a rapid development in the growth of multimedia and communications in the past few years. With the widespread use of the networks, intellectual properties can be obtained, reproduced or redistributed easily. This creates a high demand for content protection techniques. Watermarking, one of the most efficient ways to protect the digital(More)
High-frequency energy distributions are important characteristics of blurry images. In this paper, directional high-pass filters are proposed to analyze blurry images. Firstly, we show that the proposed directional high-pass filters can effectively estimate the motion direction of motion blurred images. A closed-form solution for motion direction estimation(More)
Emotional factors directly reflect audiences’ attention, evaluation and memory. Recently, video affective content analysis attracts more and more research efforts. Most of the existing methods map low-level affective features directly to emotions by applying machine learning. Compared to human perception process, there is actually a gap between low-level(More)
This paper proposes a license plate detection algorithm using both global statistical features and local Haar-like features. Classifiers using global statistical features are constructed firstly through simple learning procedures. Using these classifiers, more than 70% of background area can be excluded from further training or detecting. Then the AdaBoost(More)