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Previous work [1]–[5] has provided evidence that the perception of lexical tones by native speakers of Mandarin can be more categorical than that of naïve foreign listeners, for the tone pairings T1-T2, T2-T4, T1-T4 and T3-T4. The present study extended this work by testing Mandarin and naïve English listeners' perception of all six possible pairwise(More)
BACKGROUND Celastrol, a Chinese herbal medicine, has shown antitumor activity against various tumor cell lines. However, the effect of celastrol on retinoblastoma has not yet been analyzed. Additionally, the poor water solubility of celastrol restricts further therapeutic applications. The goal of this study was to evaluate the effect of celastrol(More)
PURPOSE Celastrol, a traditional Chinese medicine, is widely used in anti-inflammation and anti-angiogenesis research. However, the poor water solubility of celastrol restricts its further application. This paper aims to study the effect of celastrol nanoparticles (CNPs) on corneal neovascularization (CNV) and determine the possible mechanism. METHODS To(More)
Representation of documents is the basis of clustering systems. In addition, non-contiguous phrases appear more and more frequent in the text in the Web 2.0 age, and these phrases can affect the result of text clustering. In order to improve the quality of text clustering, this paper proposed a feature cluster-based vector space model (FC-VSM) which used(More)
Computational evolution provides a mechanism for searching a space of potential solutions according to a specified fitness function. In design, the search for potential solutions is often interleaved with changes in the requirements for the solution. We propose a model of design that uses a co-evolutionary computational process. Specifically, we present(More)
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