Xianghua Chai

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Conventional prenatal screening tests, such as maternal serum tests and ultrasound scan, have limited resolution and accuracy. We developed an advanced noninvasive prenatal diagnosis method based on massively parallel sequencing. The Noninvasive Fetal Trisomy (NIFTY) test, combines an optimized Student’s t-test with a locally weighted polynomial regression(More)
Accurate genotyping is important for genetic testing. Sanger sequencing-based typing is the gold standard for genotyping, but it has been underused, due to its high cost and low throughput. In contrast, short-read sequencing provides inexpensive and high-throughput sequencing, holding great promise for reaching the goal of cost-effective and high-throughput(More)
In this paper, effects of phytohormones on growth and DHA production by Thraustochytrium roseum MF2 were studied. Results showed that phytohormones had significant affect on growth and DHA production by T. roseum MF2. GA could promote the synthesis of DHA, and BA could accelerate the growth of T. roseum MF2, so the combination of GA and BA could increase(More)
Large-scale study of the properties of T-cell receptor (TCR) and B-cell receptor (BCR) repertoires through next-generation sequencing is providing excellent insights into the understanding of adaptive immune responses. Variable(Diversity)Joining [V(D)J] germline genes and alleles must be characterized in detail to facilitate repertoire analyses. However,(More)
Fuman Jiang (jiangfuman@genomics.org.cn) Jinghui Ren (szrenjh@126.com) Fang Chen (fangchen@genomics.org.cn) Yuqiu Zhou (zhzhouyq@126.com) Jiansheng Xie (jianshengxie2000@yahoo.com.cn) Shan Dan (sd_bao@sina.com) Yue Su (suyue501@sohu.com) Jianhong Xie (kdsxjh@yahoo.com.cn) Baomin Yin (bbyin@163.com) Wen Su (wensu_xy@hotmail.com) Huakun Zhang(More)
Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) DNA typing is an essential part to identify a donor who may be a good match for the patients who need haematopoietic stem cells from bone marrow. Thus, fetching quickly high-resolution genotype is very important at present. However, current HLA DNA typing methods especially for HLA-DRB1 generally yielded ambiguous typing(More)
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