Xianghong Zeng

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In this paper we describe a test-bed we have developed for simulation of abdominal trauma surgery. The abdominal surgery scene is highly complex and contains many layers of deformable organs. Representing this layered and deformable anatomy with models that can interact, be probed and cut presents a unique challenge. We have met this challenge by applying a(More)
Fuzzy C-means (FCM) has been frequently used to image segmentation in order to separate objects. The most used segmentation attribute is grey level of pixels. Nevertheless, this method can not identify complex image objects because grey level can not take into account all visual information. This paper describes a modified FCM method for tissue(More)
Ingress routers into IETF Differentiated Services domains have become the focal point for controlling quality of service and traffic aggregation. It is necessary at ingress routers to control access to Differentiated Services traffic classes based user priorities and the numbers of connections that can be supported by various scheduling policies. Using(More)
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