Xiangfei Chen

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In this paper, a novel microwave photonic filter (MPF) with multiple independently tunable passbands is proposed. A broadband optical source (BOS) is employed and split by a 1:N coupler into several branches. One branch is directed to a phase modulator which is modulated by a radio frequency signal and the other branches are delayed by optical delay lines(More)
The reconstruction algorithm is first applied to a sampled Bragg grating (SBG) with chirp in the sampling period. This method is demonstrated to achieve various profiles of both reflection and group delay within one channel of the SBG. This method has the advantage that the phase mask does not need any chirp, and only submicrometer precision is needed in(More)
A fiber Bragg grating filter with ultranarrow dual-transmission bands implemented using the equivalent phase shift technique is demonstrated. A fiber ring laser that incorporates a dual-transmission-band fiber Bragg grating filter in the ring cavity is implemented. Dual-wavelength single-longitudinal-mode lasing with a wavelength spacing as small as 0.147(More)
An eight-wavelength distributed feedback semiconductor laser array with λ/4 equivalent phase shift based on reconstruction-equivalent-chirp technique was demonstrated. It shows very good linearity in lasing wavelengths with its deviation from -0.22 to 0.20 nm. The threshold currents are between 19 and 24 mA. The side-mode suppression ratios are all larger(More)
Chirped and phase-sampled fiber Bragg gratings are fabricated and used as reflectors in tunable DBR fiber laser for the first time. By controlling the phase of each sampling section, sampled Bragg gratings (SBG) with different channel spacing can be obtained using only a single chirped phase mask. A 30nm-wide tunable Erbium-doped fiber (EDF) laser is(More)
In this paper we report, to the best of our knowledge, the first experimental realization of distributed feedback (DFB) semiconductor lasers based on reconstruction-equivalent-chirp (REC) technology. Lasers with different lasing wavelengths are achieved simultaneously on one chip, which shows a potential for the REC technology in combination with the(More)
Multi-wavelength semiconductor laser arrays (MLAs) have wide applications in wavelength multiplexing division (WDM) networks. In spite of their tremendous potential, adoption of the MLA has been hampered by a number of issues, particularly wavelength precision and fabrication cost. In this paper, we report high channel count MLAs in which the wavelengths of(More)
Photonic-assisted microwave frequency multiplication with a tunable multiplication factor (MF) based on an optical comb generator and an embedded single-passband microwave photonic filter (MPF) is proposed and demonstrated. The optical comb is generated using two cascaded modulators which are driven by a microwave reference signal. By applying the optical(More)
A novel integrable modulator consisting of a polarization modulator and a polarizer is proposed for constructing a high-performance analog photonic link. By adjusting a polarization controller placed before the modulator, both amplitude modulation and phase modulation with adjustable ratio between them are implemented. This feature is used to shift the peak(More)
A distributed feedback (DFB) semiconductor laser with equivalent phase shifts and chirps is proposed for the first time to our knowledge and is investigated numerically. As an example, it is shown that the desired lambda/4 phase shift in a phase-shifted laser can be obtained equivalently by a specially designed sampling structure instead of an actual phase(More)