Xiangdong Jin

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BACKGROUND China's healthcare system often struggles to meet the needs of its 900 million people living in rural areas due to major challenges in preventive medicine and management of chronic diseases. Here we address some of these challenges by equipping village doctors (ViDs) with Health Information Technology and developing an electronic health record(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the source and morphology of supernumerary markers from patients with 47,XYY/47,XY, +mar and supermale syndrome. METHODS Conventional GTG banded karyotyping and dual-color fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) were performed on 21 such patients. RESULTS Among these cases, 18 had their small supernumerary marker derived from the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the genetic cause for a large family affected with typeⅠosteogenesis imperfecta. METHODS Genomic DNA was extracted from peripheral venous blood samples. The entire coding region and intron-exon boundaries of the COL1A1 gene were subjected to PCR amplification and direct sequencing. Total RNA was also extracted from immortalized B(More)
In this paper, the frequency-dependent noise figure of a continuous photonic time-stretch system is theoretically analyzed and experimentally demonstrated. Mathematic analysis discloses that the frequency-dependent noise figure in the continuous photonic time-stretch system is mainly owing to the dispersion-induced phase shift in the link. In the(More)
A highly sensitive demodulation approach of a vibration-induced phase shift based on a low-noise optoelectronic oscillator (OEO) is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The vibration-induced optical phase variation is directly converted to the electrical oscillating signal of the OEO with carrier phase-shifted double-sideband (CPS-DSB) modulation,(More)
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