Xiangdong Jiao

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Friction stitch welding is a kind of new connection technology. It is fall short of 20 years after TWI brought forward the concept. The weld seam of friction stitch welding is composed with a series of FHPP. Shielding gas flux, feed speed, rotation speed, welding pressure, shape of bar and hole, heating temperature are the primary parameters which can(More)
We present a novel algorithm based on Beamlet Transform for extracting seam edges from noisy welding images. Taking into account of some special characteristics of welding image processing, we introduce an orientation-thresholding step as well as a two-scan method to the standard beamlet-based line detection algorithm. Experiments are conducted to extract(More)
Nuclear power as an efficient, clean, safe and economical energy, is the inevitable choice for the future development of electric power. Nuclear power plants will have fatigue cracks and stress corrosion crack which need of welding repair after long-term running. To reduce the hazards of nuclear radiation on the welding operator and surrounding environment,(More)
In order to explore deep water oil and gas fields in South China Sea area, an all-position automatic pipeline welding carriage was developed, applied in sub-sea pipeline laying. The welding carriage is specially designed for offshore application, so it is compact and lightweight. The control system of the automatic welding is constructed on the CANOpen bus(More)
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