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Smart antennas (SA) has not been applied widely in 3G except TD-SCDMA. As to the application of SA in CDMA system, we argued that people hold certain incorrect view, especial the reciprocity characteristic. Generally, people consider that only using a set of SA, we can simultaneously realize multiple CDMA channels directional transmission on a single(More)
BACKGROUND Vascular cognitive impairment-no dementia (VCIND) refers to the early or mild cognitive impairment induced by cerebral vascular injury. Research shows that serum total homocysteine (tHcy) level is an independent risk factor for cerebral vascular disease and may be closely related to cognitive function.Current studies on the tHcy level in VCIND(More)
The work interests in the one-way multiple-access relaying channel (MARC), in which analog network coding (ANC) is employed. The one-way MARC relaying channel consists of two source nodes, one relay node, and one destination node, all of which work in half-duplex state. The two source nodes want to transmit information to destination node with the help of(More)
Dendritic cell (DC) vaccines are currently one of the most effective approaches to treat melanoma. The immunogenicity of antigens loaded into DCs determines the treatment effects. Patients treated with autologous antigen-loaded DC vaccines achieve the best therapeutic effects. In China, most melanoma patients cannot access their autologous antigens because(More)