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The distribution and organization of actin filament bundles were studied in cortical fiber cells of rat lenses at various ages (3 days to 2.5 months old), using thin-section electron microscopy, immunocytochemistry and immunoblotting. Electron microscopy showed that actin bundles were regularly found along cortical fiber cell membranes of the lens at all(More)
A new formalism to calculate the in-medium chiral condensate is presented. At lower densities, this approach leads to a linear expression. If we demand a compatibility with the famous model-independent result, then the pion-nucleon sigma term should be six times the average current mass of light quarks. QCD-like interactions may slow the decreasing behavior(More)
The color-flavor locked (CFL) phase of strangelets is investigated in a quark mass density-dependent model. Parameters are determined by stability arguments. It is concluded that three solutions to the system equations can be found, corresponding, respectively, to positively charged, negatively charged, and nearly neutral CFL strangelets. The charge to(More)
The present paper deals with the problem of an ecoepidemiological model with linear mass-action functional response perturbed by white noise. The essential mathematical features are analyzed with the help of the stochastic stability, its long time behavior around the equilibrium of deterministic ecoepidemiological model, and the stochastic asymptotic(More)
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