Xiangcheng Chu

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To lower the operating voltage and improve the output performance of piezoelectric actuators, a multilayer monolithic ultrasonic linear piezoelectric actuator was analyzed with the method of finite element analysis (FEA), and a prototype was fabricated and experimentally researched in this study. Experimental results show that the actuator with a multilayer(More)
The fluctuating Frequency Response of The Sound Pressure Lever (SPL Response) of piezoelectric panel loudspeaker (piezo-speaker) leads the bad sound playback quality compared with traditional high-fidelity moving-coil loudspeaker, which is one of important bottlenecks that restrict improvements and applications of piezo-speaker. Based on theoretical and(More)
This paper presents a novel linear piezoelectric motor which is suitable for rapid ultra-precision positioning. The finite element analysis (FEA) was applied for optimal design and further analysis, then experiments were conducted to investigate its performance. By changing the input signal, the proposed motor was found capable of working in the fast(More)
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