Xiangcheng Chu

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A novel screw-thread-type ultrasonic actuator based on a Langevin piezoelectric vibrator, with an assembly comprised a threaded shaft, is presented. The bolt-clamped Langevin vibrator consists of 4 chips of PZT ceramics and generates more energy with a certain input power. The threads of the stator multiply the linear force and position resolution, and the(More)
The fluctuating Frequency Response of The Sound Pressure Lever (SPL Response) of piezoelectric panel loudspeaker (piezo-speaker) leads the bad sound playback quality compared with traditional high-fidelity moving-coil loudspeaker, which is one of important bottlenecks that restrict improvements and applications of piezo-speaker. Based on theoretical and(More)
A number of micropumps have been proposed in the last few years based on different actuating principles and fabricated by different technologies. However, many of those micropumps have been designed taking into account primarily available microfabrication technologies rather than appropriate pump performance analysis. In fact, not all papers are available(More)
Experiments show that there is a limited minimum stepped angle in ultrasonic motors (USM). The research on the minimum angle of stepper USM with 15 mm in diameter and wobbling mode is being carried out. This paper presents a novel way to decrease the minimum stepped angle of USM based on the principle of differential composite motion (DCM), i.e. clockwise(More)
To lower the operating voltage and improve the output performance of piezoelectric actuators, a multilayer monolithic ultrasonic linear piezoelectric actuator was analyzed with the method of finite element analysis (FEA), and a prototype was fabricated and experimentally researched in this study. Experimental results show that the actuator with a multilayer(More)
Micro piezoelectric actuator using vibration mode B(11) (B(mn), where m is the number of nodal circles, n is the nodal diameters) is designed. Different from conventional wobble-type ultrasonic motor using piezoelectric rod or cylinder, piezoelectric disc is used to excite wobble modes and metal cylinder stator is used to amplify the transverse(More)
In this study, an oblate-type ultrasonic micro-motor with multilayer piezoelectric ceramic and chamfered driving tips was proposed and experimentally researched. The micro-motor works based on the standing-wave principle and has a higher rotary speed than the traditional standing-wave one in principle, reaching a rotary speed of 2100 r/min in this study at(More)
This paper presents a novel linear piezoelectric motor which is suitable for rapid ultra-precision positioning. The finite element analysis (FEA) was applied for optimal design and further analysis, then experiments were conducted to investigate its performance. By changing the input signal, the proposed motor was found capable of working in the fast(More)
(Pb,La)(Zr,Sn,Ti)O3 (PLZST) single crystals with their chemical composition located at the tetragonal antiferroelectric region are grown via the flux method in a PbO-PbF2-B2O3 mixture. Segregation of the Ti4+ component in the as-grown crystals is observed due to the strong affinity between the oxygen anion and Ti4+ ions. The critical electric field of the(More)
Relaxor [011]c PMN-0.35PT single crystal phase transition characteristics are investigated through various methods including variable temperature dielectric properties, X-ray diffraction, bipolar ferroelectric hysteresis loops (P-E) and electric-field-induced strain (S-E) hysteresis loops measurements. The results reveal that two phase transitions exist(More)
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