Xiangbing Zhou

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In order to solve problems of semantics recognition and information extraction in the process of service composition, we proposed a Petri Net model of semantics service composition based on Ontology. Firstly, which build a described approach of semantics service composition ontology-oriented, and exploits  property of WSMO to describe;(More)
Nowly, ontology been successfully exploits information extraction and semantics of message processing, language have OWL-S and WSMO based on ontology, But OWL-S is most exploited, WSMO is still located for stages of development , Therefore, firstly, analyze similarities and differences between OWL-S and WSMO, Secondly, analyze and research application(More)
In order to solve problems of SOA service modeling, we proposed a method of SOA service modeling based on turing machine, and apply SCA and SDO to implement. Firstly, according to characteristic of SOA, to define some terms of turing machine and build publish/subscribe mechanism of SOA service modeling. Which apply ontology to describe service recognition(More)
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