Xiangbing Zeng

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Competing interests statement The authors declare that they have no competing financial interests. A large number of synthetic and natural compounds self-organize into bulk phases exhibiting periodicities on the 10 28 – 10 26 metre scale 1 as a consequence of their molecular shape, degree of amphiphilic character and, often, the presence of additional(More)
Zeolites represent inorganic solid-state materials with porous structures of fascinating complexity. Recently, significant progress was made by reticular synthesis of related organic solid-state materials, such as metal-organic or covalent organic frameworks. Herein we go a step further and report the first example of a fluid honeycomb mimicking a zeolitic(More)
Chiral segregation of enantiomers or chiral conformers of achiral molecules during self-assembly in well-ordered crystalline superstructures has fascinated chemists since Pasteur. Here we report spontaneous mirror-symmetry breaking in cubic phases formed by achiral multichain-terminated diphenyl-2,2'-bithiophenes. It was found that stochastic symmetry(More)
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