Xiangbin Liu

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Extracting vein skeleton with little distortion from the vein image is very important for improving the identification rate. In the paper, an algorithm for segmenting the dorsal hand vein image and extracting the vein skeleton is presented. Firstly, after gray and size normalizing, Gaussian lowpass filter and median filter are used to eliminate the speck(More)
An algorithm for dorsal hand vein pattern recognition is presented in the paper. To improve the recognition ratio, the vein skeleton extracting with little distortion is very important. Firstly, the algorithm acquires a clean, one-pixel-width skeleton with little distortion after a series of processes: size and gray normalizing, Gaussian lowpass and median(More)
In particle images, we call objects which touch or overlap touching spots. Separating touching spots into single ones is an important step in many cases. Recently, several separating algorithms have been proposed, all based on obvious features, such as sharp concavity or strong gray-contrast between two spots. However, touching spots without such features(More)
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