Xiang-wei Wang

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BACKGROUND With the increasing stress from oil price and environmental pollution, aroused attention has been paid to the microbial production of chemicals from renewable sources. The C12/14 and C16/18 alcohols are important feedstocks for the production of surfactants and detergents, which are widely used in the most respected consumer detergents, cleaning(More)
Corydalis saxicola Bunting (Yanhuanglian) is an important component in various prescriptions in traditional Chinese medicine. Yanhuanglian has been demonstrated to possess many pharmacological activities, including antibacterial, antiviral and anticancer activities. The active fractions are dehydrocavidine, coptisine, dehydroapocavidine and(More)
A sensitive rapid method for the simultaneous determination of four major active alkaloids (dehydrocavidine, coptisine, dehydroapocavidine, and tetradehydroscoulerine, in abbreviation thereafter called YHL-I, YHL-II, YHL-III, and YHL-IV, respectively) from a Chinese traditional medicine Corydalis saxicola Bunting. (Yanhuanglian) in rat plasma and urine was(More)
Neuroblastoma is a solid tumor of the sympathetic nervous system accounting for up to 10% of pediatric cancers and 15% of cancer-related deaths. It is a useful system for investigation of stress signal-mediated apoptosis as a tumor suppression mechanism. In this study, we present evidence that p53 mediates DNA damaging drug-induced apoptosis in IMR32 cells(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Intravesical instillation is an important adjuvant therapy on preventing postoperative recurrence of superficial bladder transitional cell carcinoma, but the recurrence rate is still high. This study was to evaluate the prophylactic effect of intravesical instillation of hydroxycamptothecin (HYD) plus bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) on(More)
PURPOSE The metal ring pin stapler was initially developed for microvascular surgery and there has been little experience of their use in larger vessels. We determined if the titanium ring pin coupling system could be safely and rapidly applied for arterial reconstruction in clinical renal transplantation. MATERIALS AND METHODS The donor renal artery was(More)
Tubeimoside I is an important component isolated from Bolbostemma paniculatum. Tubeimoside I has been demonstrated to possess many pharmacological activities, including anti-inflammatory, antitumor, and antitumor-promoting effects. The purpose of the present study was to examine in vivo pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of tubeimoside I in rats by using(More)
Target detection based on hyperspectral radiance images can improve data processing efficiency to meet the requirements of real-time processing. However, the spectral radiance acquired by the remote sensor will be affected by the atmosphere. In the present paper, hyperspectral imaging process is simulated to analyze the effects of the changes in atmospheric(More)
In this paper, using game theory methods, According to this state which some of the problems that exist in corporate governance, raised corporate governance introduced of the concept of social capital, in the perspective of social capital and harmony, According to the definition of social capital with sociologists, this text gives its own definition of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the efficacy of intracorpus spongiosum anaesthesia during minor procedures on the glans and anterior urethra in the outpatient clinic. METHODS Sixty-nine consecutive male patients underwent various procedures on the glans penis or anterior urethra under intracorpus spongiosum anaesthesia, which was performed by injection of 3 mL of(More)