Xiang-lin Qi

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Recent physiological findings revealed that about one-third of motion-sensitive neurons in the pigeon's pretectal nucleus encoded the acceleration of visual motion. Here we propose a microcircuit hypothesis, in which the slow adaptive depressions play a significant role in response generating, to account for the origin of the three important properties of(More)
The columnar organization is a ubiquitous feature in the cerebral cortex. In this study, a neural network model simulating the cortical columns has been constructed. When fed with random pulse input with constant rate, a column generates synchronized oscillations, with a frequency varying from 3 to 43 Hz depending on parameter values. The behavior of the(More)
In order to probe into the self-organizing emergence of simple cell orientation selectivity, we tried to construct a neural network model that consists of LGN neurons and simple cells in visual cortex and obeys the Hebbian learning rule. We investigated the neural coding and representation of simple cells to a natural image by means of this model. The(More)
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