Xiang-hua Wang

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This paper provides an overview and identification key of the Australasian species of Lactarius subg. Gerardii. A molecular phylogeny based on the nuc DNA markers ITS, LSU and rpb2, combined with detailed morphological observations resulted in the delimitation of 12 strongly supported and morphologically recognizable species. Five new agaricoid species are(More)
Tuber huidongense and T. liyuanum are common commercial white truffles in China that belong to the Rufum and Puberulum groups of the genus Tuber, respectively. Their mycorrhizae were successfully synthesized with two native trees—Castanea mollissima and Pinus armandii—under greenhouse conditions. The identities of the mycorrhizae were confirmed through(More)
A simple and efficient auxiliary-difference-equation finite-difference time-domain (ADE-FDTD) method for modelling graphene-based structures is presented in this paper. By considering the graphene sheet as a polarization current source characterized by an auxiliary equation (AE), the proposed method can be easily adopted to simulate graphene-based(More)
A new efficient parallel finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) meshing algorithm, based on the ray tracing technique, is proposed in this paper. This algorithm can be applied to construct various FDTD meshes, such as regular and conformal ones. The Microsoft F# language is used for the algorithm coding, where all variables are unchangeable with its(More)
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