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—Anonymous communication is a challenging task in resource constrained wireless sensor networks (WSN). However, anonymity is important for many sensor networks, in which we want to conceal the location and identify of important nodes (such as source nodes and base stations) from attackers. Existing WSN anonymous protocols either cannot achieve complete(More)
—With the proliferation of hybrid clouds in both cost-saving and effectiveness, a growing number of users are building their own private cloud. However, private cloud can only provide limited resource, and always resorts to public cloud in order to meet elastic service requirements. Generally, public cloud is operated by commercial service providers (CSPs)(More)
Heartbeat mechanism is widely used in designing high availability distributed system. In this paper, we design a multi-level heartbeat protocol, which consists of two kinds of heartbeat protocols: multipoint heartbeat protocol and bidirectional heartbeat protocol. Multi-level heartbeat protocol is very convenient for the nodes to join and leave the(More)
—Random Number Generators play a critical role in a number of important applications. In practice, statistical testing is employed to gather evidence that a generator indeed produces numbers that appear to be random. In this paper, we reports on the studies that were conducted on the compressed data using 8 compression algorithms or compressors. The test(More)
In the Internet of Things a code resolution service provides a discovery mechanism for a requester to obtain the information resources associated with a particular product code immediately. In large scale application scenarios a code resolution service faces some serious issues involving heterogeneity, big data and data ownership. A code resolution service(More)
With the development of Grid technologies, scientists and engineers obtain large computing capability to execute large-scale workflow applications. However the Grids also bring a troublesome problem. In the dynamic, complex and unbounded Grid systems , malicious attacks and hardware faults, which are inevitable, can have a serious effect on the execution of(More)